When Will CW’s ‘The Flash’ Be on Netflix? Soon, Very Soon…

flash season on neflix

We just recently released the list of what’s new on Netflix in September, and many folks were pretty bummed to see that one of their favorite CW shows didn’t make the cut this month. 

People immediately started asking when Netflix would stream The Flash‘s first season, and massively successful premiere by viewership standards. While we don’t have a guaranteed date yet, some folks close to the matter brought it to our attention that Netflix is slated to start streaming the show “a few days before the second season premieres on The CW.” 

In other words, hold tight right now, but we’re betting big money that The Flash will almost certainly be available to stream come early October. Sure, we’d like it sooner, but as long as eventually we can get access to the first season as a quick refresher before season two starts, we’re golden. 

Watch The Flash season two trailer below: