Watch ‘The Last Man on Earth’ Online with Fox Now and Hulu

Fox hit it big this year with Empire and The Last Man on Earth, two of the most rapidly growing shows from this year’s new batch.

And Fox seems to be hitting its stride with how to distribute their content as they have been pretty liberal with offering the shows up for digital streaming, both on Fox Now as well as Hulu (more access with Hulu+ accounts).

watch last man on earth online

‘Last Man on Earth’ follows Will Forte, also the show’s creator, in his network debut in a lead role after having made some very humorous appearances in other network comedies, most notably 30 Rock as well as being an SNL alum. As you might have guessed from the title, the show follows his apparent existence as the last man alive in a world. The first episode shows him on the hunt for other survivors, hoping that perhaps he can find a woman to begin repopulating the world. We’ll leave the rest of the synopsis for you to discover through watching the show.

Initially, Last Man had a booming debut with fantastic ratings, resulting in both positive critical and viewership response. But the show has recently gained some detractors as we’ll certainly admit the show is raunchy, and certainly pushes the envelope on Fox, probably giving censors a bit of a headache, but at the end of the day, we still find it hilarious and smart enough where the raunchiness comes across as clever and not gratuitous.

Last Man on Earth is streaming online both on Fox Now as well as Hulu Plus. Watch the show’s extended teaser trailer below: