Watch ‘The Expanse’ Online, SyFy to Stream the Series

watch the expanse online

The latest trend that seems to be emerging is a “pre-release” option for new TV shows, where the first episode will be available online for free. We saw that with Mr. Robot, among others, giving potential fans a sneak peek into upcoming releases.

SyFy’s ‘The Expanse’ is set to release on the network December 14th, but the first episode will be available a few weeks ahead of time, premiering online November 23rd.

‘The Expanse’ is based off of a book series of the same name, so fans of the books have something to either look forward to or fear, depending on how well the show’s story¬†sticks to existing material.

The series will follow a detective and a spaceship captain as they travel across the solar system 200 years in the future. Virtually a crime drama set in space, this is still SyFy after all, the series does have some firepower behind its production, including Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (Iron Man) and some CSI producers. Most notably Terry McDonough of Breaking Bad fame will be directing a handful of episodes for the series as well.

You can watch the delightfully entertaining trailer for ‘The Expanse’ below: