Are you a Blue fan or a Green fan?  Do you dig the Spartans or the Wolverines?  Either way, there are many ways to stream either or online and in High Definition too.

Michigan has the most all-time wins and the highest winning percentage in college football history, giving them all of the fame and glory that they are very deserving of.  The team is known for its distinctive winged helmet, its ruthlessly badass fight song, its record-breaking attendance figures at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, and its many rivalries in college football, particularly its annual, regular-season-ending game against the equally voracious Ohio State, once voted as ESPN’s best sports rivalry of all time.

Sling TV is the Best Place for Live Streaming Michigan Football Games Legally

Sling TV offers a great way to watch college football.  Sling TV is the new alternative to cable television.  Sling TV works with select networks like SEC Network, Pac 12 Network and ESPN U to give you all of the football you need at a fraction of the cost of cable and in a more user-friendly, easily accessible way too.  Sling TV hooks you up with live, streaming, high definition college football games at a fraction of the cost of cable TV and you can stream the content from any device that has a connection to the internet!  Want cheap, streaming, college football on the go?  Sling TV is the service for you.

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Streaming Michigan Games without Cable Using DIRECTV NOW

If you’ve already tried that service or just want something a little different you can also stream Michigan games on DIRECTV NOW, an app much like sling that doesn’t require cable and is a fraction of the cost. They have ESPN and those other networks like PAC-12 and SEC as well so head over to their signup page and start your seven day trial to stream Michigan football games live right now:

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Watch Michigan Duke it Out Online with CBS All Access

Another good option for streaming is CBS All Access.  Look before you buy, though!  The CBS All Access pass streams most college football teams, but not all of them. It mostly depends on their schedule.

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Use the Official Michigan College Football Website to Watch Online


Michigan is an awesome state for college football.  Two of the greatest teams in the nation are in Michigan, so this state has something great going for it.  The best place to catch the Wolverine action is their homepage.  This site has links to places to stream their games, plus a ticket purchasing mainframe, a store full of fan merchandise, and many other goodies.  Want to see the players list, stats, schedule, recaps, projections, trades, picks, and interviews?  This site has it all.

Pirated Sites are Bad Karma for Michigan Fans

Any true-blue, (pun intended), college football fan loves supporting their local team.  You can make things really go right for the Wolverines by sticking to only the legitimate, sponsored, official sites that are recognized by the team.  Plus, going with a dangerous and illegal, pirated site is bad news bears for you, your future, and your poor computer or mobile device.  Best to just stay away from them! But if you want Michigan to lose for 5 years in a row, feel free to use one of those illegal streaming sites to watch them online.