Sling TV Makes Big Expansion, Adding NBC, Bravo, USA Networks and More


Sling TV, the closest streaming service we’ve seen to a direct cable replacement, has just announced some major expansions, now offering digital streams of major broadcast and cable networks. Most notably, in their most recent additions, Sling TV has added the ability to stream NBC, USA, Bravo and more.

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“Consumers now have more than 100 channels to choose from as they customize their ideal television experience,” said Roger Lynch, CEO, Sling TV. “With our new multi-service option and NBC Universal programming, Sling is one of the few pay-TV options where value continues to improve.”

From Sling TV:

Sling TV unveiled new single-stream and multi-stream services, “Sling Orange” and “Sling Blue.” Sling Orange now includes BBC America and is still priced at $20 per month. Sling Blue now features NBC, USA, Bravo, NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), Syfy, BBC America and costs $25 per month for new customers. In addition, Sling has introduced a multi-service discount that brings Sling Orange and Sling Blue together for $40 per month. Additional NBCUniversal networks are available in Sling Blue’s Extra packs, including E!, CNBC, MSNBC, Oxygen, Golf and NBCUniverso.

For those of you currently paying $60-100 a month for cable, Sling TV is probably going to end up saving you nearly 50% of your monthly cable bill with the option to select specific networks that you watch the most often.

Here is a list of shows that this new expansion includes, meaning you can stream them all online through Sling TV:

  • Mr. Robot – With the second season nearly upon us (FINALLY), fans of the show can watch the series online. While the first season is available on Amazon, because of this deal, Hulu will not be streaming the second season of Mr. Robot this year. Sling TV will be a perfect option for it.
  • The Expanse – One of SyFy’s biggest surprises, The Expanse is going to have some pretty big seasons when it comes back later this year. Excited to have a place to easily stream it online.
  • The Blacklist – NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ has been going strong for several years now. The NBC expansion on Sling’s service will make it easier than ever to stream.
  • Blindspot – Definitely a surprise hit, ‘Blindspot’ wowed audiences and has kept the thrills going strong through its early run. Keep tabs on this one!

It has been interesting watching Sling TV grow the past year, as they have gotten a big jump on live streaming of major television networks. While cable companies are planning on rolling out their own streaming services in the near future, Sling TV has already gotten a head start in acquiring loyal audiences. Hulu has also announced a live streaming package coming in the near future so it should be an interesting fight in the near future between the two.