Netflix Releases Instructions on How to Make a ‘Netflix and Chill’ Button

netflix and chill button

Let’s be honest, if Netflix somehow was able to seed the concept of ‘Netflix and Chill’ as some sort of viral marketing strategy, then they clearly deserve to win some huge award for marketing campaign of the century.

But it likely started in a more organic sense in that twenty-something millennials everywhere likely brought this to the mainstrem themselves as they all sat lonely in their apartments hoping to score a little lovin’ from a casual encounter.

What does Netflix and Chill mean?¬†Glad you asked. The phrase stems from the concept of an innocent-seeming text (or other form of modern communication) implying that one is hoping for you to come over and watch some Netflix and, ya know, other stuff. What that ‘other stuff’ might be, we’ll leave up for interpretation.

Regardless, at times Netflix has alluded to this through social media, but is likely keeping a relatively safe distance while still tipping the hat towards the phrase, certainly one of the brightest spots of brand awareness in a demographic notorious for password sharing.

Netflix recently released a video of “The Netflix Switch” which of course the internet immediately ran with as being a “Netflix and Chill button” probably Netflix’s initial intention.