What does ‘Netflix and Chill’ Mean?

netflix and chill

Married with a combined Netflix account? Someone just ask you to “Netflix and chill” and you’re not sure what you’re getting yourself into? Don’t get out much? You’ve probably heard a term creeping into your daily life regarding Netflix and you’re wondering what it all means.

The phrase in question is “Netflix and chill” and the first time we heard it we were dumbfounded, but then things quickly started making sense the more we thought about it.

“Netflix and chill” stems from college campuses everywhere, in which young co-eds would ask those they were hoping to hook up with to come over under the guise of binge watching some episodes of a TV show on Netflix. But intentions are far less wholesome, as often the intention of these types of hangouts have nothing to do with watching six episodes of Breaking Bad in a row, but instead might involve more sexually devious activities. So if you’re expecting to enjoy some TV, we highly suggest you do that on your own and not take anyone up on their offer to “Netflix and chill.”

Consider “Netflix and chill” the modern day version of “going up to the hillside and watching the moon.” We all know what really was going on up there, and things are no different now but with a modernized medium.

Is Netflix the mastermind behind this seemingly unintentional brilliant marketing strategy? We’re not sure, but they certainly benefit from millennials everywhere using their name in such a positive experience.