Netflix Premiere Date for Jessica Jones – Teaser Released

jessica jones premiere date
Photo Credit: Steve Sands/GC Images

Netflix has clearly delivered a high quality product with the first season of Daredevil, one of the most popular Netflix originals yet, and quickly growing a bigger and bigger audience

So certainly we’re all prepared for some more news regarding the release of more originals from the Marvel universe on Netflix as well. 

Netflix released a short teaser today for their upcoming Marvel original ‘Jessica Jones’ the next installment in their deal to release four Marvel characters as exclusive Netflix originals. More importantly, though, Netflix announced a premiere date for Jessica Jones as well, set for November 20th, 2015.

For those less familiar, Jessica Jones has a fantastically prolific history in the Marvel universe, appearing alongside several other characters and ensembles including Alias Private Investigations and New Avengers. 

You can watch the teaser trailer below, there isn’t a lot of meat to spoil the series, but if Netflix has put as much care into this series as they did with Daredevil, it should be a solid premiere.