How to Watch The Olympics Streaming Online Free

The Olympics are here! With the Opening Ceremony tonight, here’s how you can watch online.

Finally, after a rocky setup, Rio is finally ready for the Olympics opening ceremony. The world gathers for one of the grandest competitions of sport, where we all pretend to be interested in some pretty random sports for one time in four years, act like we’ve heard of most of the countries the US is competing against, and inevitably start slowly losing interest towards the end of the month.

OK, pardon the cynical take, we’re mostly kidding, we love The Olympics just as much as the next person. It truly is a grand spectacle and represents some amazing things about being a part of the human race.  And below are the ways you can stream The Olympics online free.

Stream The Olympics online free with a Sling TV free trial

Sling TV has confirmed with us that NBC will be available on their “Sling Blue” package, meaning you can use their free trial as an opportunity to watch The Olympics online free. They’ll have NBC, NBC Sports, Bravo and USA available on these trials, meaning you’ll get full access to most events.

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Will the Olympics be on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon?

Hulu, who is owned in part by NBC, has some fun Olympic content available streaming for free, but they will not have any live-streaming of The Olympics. They will likely have occasional recaps, but for the most part no luck if you’re looking to watch live track meets or synchronized swimming.

The Olympics will definitely not be on Amazon or Netflix, as neither service has a live streaming option, nor are they likely to bring recaps or re-airings to their services anytime.

Watch The Olympics Online with an NBC login on their website

For those with cable logins, you can easily watch The Olympics through the NBC live streaming apps on mobile devices as well as through smart TVs.

Old school options for The Olympics

For those of you with nothing but a TV with an antenna, you can actually watch The Olympics free when events are on NBC. Simply plug in an antenna and go to the standard TV broadcast in order to watch over-the-air Olympics broadcasts. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Avoid illegal streams of The Olympics

We just recently reported that over half of illegal streams of live sports feature advertisements that install malware on your computer. Be careful when looking for a way to stream The Olympics online free, there’s a lot of people out there trying to take advantage of the world’s biggest sporting event, so proceed with caution.