Apple Ditches Plans to Build a Smart TV


Have you been anxiously awaiting Apple’s announcement of a new, smarter TV with all the shiny plastic and metal that usually comes with their products? Well, you may be waiting indefinitely. News today from the Wall Street Journal is that Apple has ‘shelved’ the project to focus on perfecting their phones, laptops and Apple TV 4.

No details were known about Apple’s supposed forray into next-gen television hardware. Most experts assumed it would consist of an expensive, gorgeous monitor and include Apple TV hardware inside without the need for a seperate device.  According to the report, though Apple just couldn’t find “that breakthrough feature that would justify creating a television”.  So our guess is they’re planning on taking Apple TV to the next level instead and leave the complicated manufacturing process of television making to the likes of Samsung and Sony.

Apple has been expanding into the realm of streaming television more and more as of late.  Their recent deal with HBO and more rumors about the maker of the iPhone starting their own streaming service there’s no doubt that Apple wants to be in the streaming business. They know it is a giant frontier that is changing rapidly and, as the second most profitable company in the world, want to get in on that action.

Are you disappointed that Apple won’t be making a television for the future?  Are you excited for the Apple 4 regardless? With all of the other major players in the game, the makers of the screen itself may not matter so much.  It may not need that special Apple touch that they enjoy putting into their products.