All Netflix Original Series Ranked by Viewership Popularity

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Looking for a list of the most popular Netflix original shows? Great news, the entire list of originals sorted by popularity can be found below. The votes have been cast by Netflix viewers, and you can see the total number of votes a specific series has received in the column to the right.

No surprises that recent original ‘Stranger Things’ is currently atop the list, as the show has won hearts and minds of everyone craving just a little bit of that 1980s nostalgia that we didn’t know we wanted. Mainstays ‘Daredevil,’ ‘House of Cards,’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ are of course performing well.

We were actually a bit surprised to see ‘Fuller House’ and ‘Marco Polo’ as high as they are, as both were panned pretty heavily by critics. This likely just goes to show how little Netflix cares about these things, as noted by Ted Sarandos last week.

Also of note, all things considered, is how well overall the shows appear to be doing for Netflix subscribers. Netflix needs to keep its subscriber base happy in order to keep them paying monthly (as well as get them telling their friends about Netflix content to get them on board). The below list seems to reflect that overall Netflix subscribers are extremely happy with their content, as most shows receive at least a 3.5, which would likely be well above average if compared with major network television.

Netflix Originals Year Rating Votes
Stranger Things 2016 4.7 1,111,234
Daredevil 2015 4.6 2,359,914
House of Cards 2013 4.5 5,149,682
Narcos 2015 4.5 873,990
Orange is the New Black 2013 4.4 7,601,864
Jessica Jones 2015 4.4 945,238
Master of None 2015 4.4 590,645
Marco Polo 2014 4.3 1,251,773
Fuller House 2016 4.3 902,450
F is for Family 2015 4.3 350,695
The Get Down 2016 4.3 53,757
Longmire (season 4) 2015 4.3 1,204,563
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 2015 4.2 1,555,639
Grace and Frankie 2015 4.2 1,125,709
Sense8 2015 4.2 847,406
Bloodline 2015 4.2 835,312
The Killing (season 4) 2014 4.2 1,793,547
Star Wars The Clone Wars (season 6) 2014 4.1 1,461,507
Love 2016 4 318,867
Hemlock Grove 2013 3.9 1,762,875
Lilyhammer 2012 3.9 983,286
Bojack Horseman 2014 3.9 739,110
Arrested Development (season 4) 2013 3.9 7,427,869
Trailer Park Boys (seasons 8,9 and 10) 2014 3.9 1,952,593
Flaked 2016 3.8 156,463
Wet Hot American Summer FDoC 2015 3.7 389,844
W/ Bob and David 2015 3.7 88,715
Lady Dynamite 2016 3.6 70,268
Netflix Presents: The Characters 2016 2.4 39,360

Thanks to a random Redditor who scoured through every show’s DVD page to find the Netflix user rankings (which have strangely been absent from their streaming library).

How about you, what is your favorite Netflix original series? Let us know in the comments, we’d be interested in getting your opinion.