Your Netflix Password? It’s Worth about Twenty Five Cents…

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While we might argue we’d be willing to even perhaps pay a bit more for our monthly Netflix subscription (especially if the title count increased), apparently our logins are only worth about 25 cents on the black market.

Symantec, an anti-virus software company, reported this week that phishing attacks on Netflix accounts have created an opportunity for hackers to sell Netflix accounts for pennies on the dollar.

One site where you can purchase Netflix credentials is claiming to have over 300,000 accounts for sale. Even at 25 cents a piece, that’s still a healthy chunk of change for the person responsible for hacking and selling them. These services will sell accounts in bulk, so if one gets shut off, the purchaser still has others to choose from.

So what can you do to ensure your Netflix account hasn’t been hacked? Underneath your settings, you can see what locations someone has recently logged in to stream from your account. If you don’t recognize a few of the locations, we highly recommend changing your password as soon as possible. In fact, this is just a best practice every couple of months anyways to make sure your account stays yours.

It is also important to keep an eye on whatever payment account you use on your Netflix service as well. If someone has access to your streaming service, they can get some key information to dive a bit deeper and perhaps use your credit card as well.

As a best practice, keep an eye on your viewing history as well, if things look suspicious in that somehow randomly a bunch of shows you haven’t watched show up under ‘recently viewed’ this should be the first warning sign. Then again, it might just be one of your friends binge watching ‘My Little Pony’ on your account as well…