What are the Fastest ISPs for Streaming? Netflix says…


*BUFFERING*….*BUFFERING*  We’ve all been there. You’re just trying to watch Mr Robot online, you turn on your Chromecast and launch your favorite streaming app but you can’t get past the buffering message. Either that, or you’re doomed to video that cuts out at critical points of a high intensity drama due to unknown internet forces. Is it Netflix? Is it your ISP? Is it your wireless router?

It’s always hard to tell. The key is to make sure the things you can control (the hardware you own) are in tip-top shape.  You can also make sure you choose an Internet Service Provider that is reviewed well for their blazing video speeds.  Netflix recently gave us such a list

In order of speed, here are the fastest internet providers in terms of download speeds:

USA ISP Speed Index

Cox: 3.62Mbps
Cablevision – Optimum: 3.59Mbps
Verizon – FIOS: 3.54Mbps
Charter: 3.46Mbps
Comcast: 3.45Mbps
Bright House: 3.42Mbps
Suddenlink: 3.42Mbps
Time Warner Cable: 3.37Mbps
Mediacom: 3.32Mbps
AT&T U-Verse: 3.2Mbps
AT&T DSL: 2.51Mbps
Frontier: 2.37Mbps
Windstream: 2.34Mbps
Centurylink: 2.27Mbps
Verizon DSL: 1.9Mbps
Clearwire: 1.19Mbps

Canada ISP Speed Index

Bell Canada Fiber optic: 3.73Mbps
MTS Fiber Optic: 3.61Mbps
Bell Aliant Fiber Optic: 3.6Mbps
Videotron: 3.56Mbps
Shaw: 3.51Mbps
Sasktel Fiber Optic: 3.42Mbps
Rogers: 3.41Mbps
Eastlink High Speed: 3.4Mbps
Telus: 3.28Mbps
Cogeco: 3.27Mbps
Distributel: 3.23Mbps
Teksavvy: 3.19Mbps
Bell Canada DSL: 3.05Mbps
Sasktel DSL: 2.69Mbps
MTS DSL: 2.67Mbps
Eastlink DSL: 2.34Mbps
Bell Aliant DSL: 2.02Mbps
Eastlink Rural Broadband (wireless): 1.35Mbps

UK ISP Speed Index

Virgin: 3.96Mbps
BT: 3.63Mbps
Talktalk: 3.34Mbps
Sky: 3.22Mbps
EE: 3.18Mbps

Do you see your provider on the list? How did you fare?  Most are about the same speed, it would seem (between 3 and 4 Mbps) so maybe the difference isn’t as stark as you would think. Remember that these speeds will vary based on your location, not just the provider you choose.

Share your experiences below with any of the above ISPs.