Wedding Gifts for Cord Cutters? Apple TV Tops the List

apple tv exclusive

As technology improves, so do the gifts we request.

I remember when registering for my own wedding, the clerk at [insert massive chain store here] recommending my wife and I register for a china set, to offer our more traditional guests something classy to purchase. We both immediately balked at that idea thinking there is an absolute zero chance that china ever finds its way out of the box for actual use.

So with that sort of thinking becoming more and more common, it should come as very little surprise that modern technology is making its way up to the top of wedding registries. USA Today is reporting that Apple TV is now one of the most commonly registered for items as couples prepare to join their earthly possessions in holy matrimony.

The article also interestingly reports that 74% of couples married in the last five years consider it acceptable to register for electronics (think iPads, laptops, smart TVs, etc). Only 54% of those couples married longer than 20 years feel such gifts to be appropriate items on a registry. But in this same elderly crowd, 75% wish they could register for such items, with digital cameras and modern television sets topping the list.

Functionality of wedding gifts is now viewed by the majority of newlyweds as what makes for the best gifts. In other words, while that sentimental homemade pillow still might be appreciated, Great Aunt Suzanne might be better off splurging a bit on a modern piece of technology as a gift.

What do you think? Is technology an acceptable wedding gift in these modern times? Or would you rather they pay for your wedding photographer?