We Watch a lot of Movie Trailers on YouTube

top movie trailers on youtube

I remember I used to get so excited anytime that big green screen would pop up in the movie theater letting me know I was about to get a quick peek into the future offerings of cinematic accomplishment. It felt like a little dessert before dinner in a lot of ways.

But now we can watch trailers online whenever we want, and there are a lot of people who spend a good chunk of time doing so. In total according to Google, thus far in 2015 alone, over 35 million (!!!) hours of time has been spent watching movie trailers online.

Google ran a survey confirming there a lot of people who just really enjoy watching previews. And now with YouTube, we have a great centralized location to binge watch as many movie trailers as we can possibly stomach. The survey results suggest that 81% of those that watch trailers online do so on YouTube, which has resulted in an 88% YoY increase in the number of movie trailer views through the streaming video service.

More interestingly, 69% of those 13-24 say they turn to YouTube before deciding what movie to go see on opening night. While I don’t fall into that age bracket, I do very frequently catch myself aimlessly clicking through a dozen or so movie trailers at least once or twice in a given month to see what’s coming to the big screen. I think other than perhaps a song I have stuck in my head, movie trailers are probably the second biggest thing I watch and actively share from YouTube on social channels.

On the Think With Google website, you can also track along  with the movie trailer leaderboard, which we have also broken down below for the summer thus far:

The Top Movie Trailers on YouTube this Summer

#5 Marvel’s Ant-Man

#4 Terminator: Genisys

#3 Jurassic World

#2 Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice

#1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens