Watch True Detective Free on HBO Tonight

true detective season two episode one online

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

While not the best news for those of us who have cut the cord, HBO is having a free weekend for the rest of you out there who are subscribed to cable.

So let’s get the bad news out of the way first. No, without a cable subscription you won’t have access to the newest episode of True Detective season two tonight anywhere (legally) on the web. Of course those of you with an HBO Go and Now login will have full access so you’re all good to go tonight.

Have you watched the first season of True Detective? Good, because you should have. But do you need to watch True Detective season one to understand season two? Not at all.

New story, new detectives, new case, new location, new everything. The reviews of True Detective’s second season have been a little rough, but it’s not like if you enjoyed the first season that you’re not going to dive straight into the second anyways. And honestly, we totally get that it’s going to be really hard to beat the quality of True Detective season one.

Regardless, rumor is the first episode of True Detective is streaming online right now, so those of you lucky enough to have logins to HBO apps, what are you still doing here? Go!

Watch the trailer below: