Watch Old Episodes of Attack of the Show Online

attack of the show online

Attack of the Show was the perfect news site for gamer geeks at a time where video games were become more and more of a cultural item hitting the mainstream. 

While the show itself fell on hard times and ended up cancelled, a sleuthy redditor discovered this weekend that, a site that keeps just about everything it can get its hands on in a neat index, now hosts the older episodes of ATOS online for free. 

So of course the initial commentary here is that most Attack of the Show episodes were extremely time-relevant with jokes and conversation most relevant to the time each episode aired. But as an acting time vault looking back into the mid/late 00s, it’s still fun to watch the occasional episode, as Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira struck the perfect balance of appealing to the hardcore gamers, but never went too far over the top to alienate the casuals. 

We’ll certainly have some fond memories of the show, even if perhaps the archives are stale. You can watch a great tribute to the show below: