Want to Watch ‘The Wire’ Online Free? Here’s How to Stream it

Perhaps no greater television show has ever been produced, and if I had to bet there just isn’t going to be a time in the near future where ‘The Wire’ is going to be topped.

Arguably the most in-depth looks into what makes a city, ‘The Wire’ starts out looking like a police procedural but within a few short episodes makes it very clear that this series takes a big step back from that, offering insight into how the city of Baltimore functions.

If you haven’t yet watched the wire online, there are a few ways you can do it, and if you’re in the mood for a binge, it’s actually possible to get through the entire series, all five seasons, without paying a single dime.

Stream ‘The Wire’ online with an Amazon PrimeĀ free trial

A while back, Amazon picked up the rights to stream most HBO shows that have since ended or been cancelled more than five years ago. This also includes shows that have seasons more than five years ago (excluding Game of Thrones).

You can watch all five seasons of ‘The Wire’ on Amazon Prime, and you can start a 30 day free trial of the service here. While the series is certainly heavy, and can take some time to get into, we’re confident that after the first few episodes you’ll want to watch the entire series in a few weeks.

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Is ‘The Wire’ on Netflix or Hulu?

Unfortunately, ‘The Wire’ isn’t on Netflix or Hulu and probably won’t be anytime soon. HBO made an exclusive deal with Amazon, so that’s likely where the content is going to stay for a while.

Traditional HBO streaming services

HBO Go and HBO Now subscribers can get full access to ‘The Wire’ as well, so if you’re looking to stream ‘The Wire’ as well as get access to other HBO content, this is a great option, just slightly more expensive than Amazon.