There are Hours of ‘The Office’ Deleted Scenes and Bloopers on YouTube

the office deleted scenes

I was looking for a clip of Creed highlights from The Office on YouTube the other day and stumbled across a fun little cache of ‘The Office’ deleted scenes from season three. After watching the entire 30 minute video, I peeked to the right and found a delightful list of recommended videos of almost all the seasons of ‘The Office’ deleted scenes available for me to watch.

Needless to say the next few hours went by really quickly.

You can start with season two ‘The Office’ deleted scenes here and then slowly work your way down the list:

But wait, it gets ever so slightly better.

At the bottom of the recommended video list was an entire YouTube video (almost three hours) of bloopers from ‘The Office’ available for streaming. This great clip includes a rare look at the personalities who made up the world’s favorite paper company during the mid-aughts.

You can watch The Office bloopers below: