The X-Files on Netflix in HD? I Want To Believe

x files in HD Netflix

You’re probably reading this wondering why I care that much about this news. But I consider myself an HD nerd, and thus appreciate content in its clearest form.

Netflix recently updated season two and three of The X-Files, so we can now all stream in HD one of the finest paranormal television shows of all time. For those who love numbers, Seasons 1-3 are now in 16:9 format. Seasons 4-9 are still in 4:3, but we’d assume rolling updates in the near future.

As bandwidth gets cheaper and cheaper, we do expect this trend to continue, as Netflix has stated they intend to always deliver the highest quality stream available. While newer shows are streamed solidly in 1080P, a lot of older series remain in traditional standard definition and end up somewhat randomly upgraded with what seems to be no real rhyme or reason.

Now for the Hulu subscribers out there? You’re laughing at this point, right? You’ve had access to all HD episodes of The X-Files for a while now so you scoff upon us plebeians with our sole access to the Netflix catalog. Yeah, yeah, we get it.

Regardless we’re still excited about this bit of news and are even more excited about the continued update of our favorite shows in HD moving forward (Star Trek: The Next Generation, anyone?)