The Best New Movies and Shows on Amazon Prime August 2015

best on amazon august 2015

With the summer about halfway over, it’s almost socially acceptable to start binge watching movies and TV shows again through your favorite streaming services. Although this month, Amazon Prime has a surprise for us all that might cause us to abandon any social guidelines and call it quits on the heat.

You might of heard the news that all eight season of Curb Your Enthusiasm will be on Amazon Prime come mid-August, which has us already planning an entire rewatch this month.

You can get the full list of What’s new on Amazon Prime in August 2015, but we’ll break down a few of our personal highlights available on Instant Video in August below:

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Curb Your Enthusiasm on Amazon Prime

Did we mention that Curb Your Enthusiasm will be on Amazon Prime in its entirety in August? Because seriously, this is one of our all-time favorite shows and now we’ll be able to enjoy it as many times as we want. In case you weren’t aware, Amazon Prime has a deal with HBO to stream their older shows for all Prime subscribers.

The Patriot on Amazon Prime

Mel Gibson might be past his prime in Hollywood’s eyes, but boy did he certainly leave behind a legacy. The Patriot might have been one of our favorite movies from the 1990s, and even watching it now is still enjoyable, so we’re happy to see it streaming on Amazon Prime in August.

My Best Friend’s Wedding on Amazon Prime

Speaking of favorite movies from the 1990s, My Best Friend’s Wedding is certainly up there as this is one of Julia Roberts’ finest. Perfect time too with wedding season winding down. But seriously, where has Julia Roberts been the past five years?