That Second Half of the 7th Season of Mad Men? It Will Be on Netflix This Month

mad men season 7a netflix

Fans of Mad Men, long awaiting the second half of the final season being released on Netflix, will finally hit pay dirt this month, as Netflix just announced on their list of what’s new that Mad Men 7B will be available February 5th, 2016.

The entire series, sans the final eight episodes, are currently available on Netflix, and the series remains one of the staple shows for the streaming service. Originally having aired on AMC, Mad Men saw a huge influx new fans once the early seasons started streaming on Netflix. Similar to ‘Breaking Bad’ the show saw a major increase in popularity once the early adopters had spoken positively enough about the series, and then it became incredibly easy to catch up. Imagine that.

AMC executives have spoken on numerous occasions about the benefits of their relationship with Netflix, as they remain one of the most progressive adopters of new modern streaming strategies. However, they are looking to grow their own proprietary streaming app, which could quickly complicate things if Netflix was then viewed as competition instead of an ally.

But for the time being, it’s still extremely easy to watch several AMC shows via Netflix, and now that the final episodes of ‘Mad Men’ will be available, there will never be a better time to enjoy the grand finale.