Skateboarding Videos on Netflix? Plan B’s True Streaming Now

skate videos on netflix

File under: Today I learned.

My friends and I used to spend our Friday nights in high school skateboarding until our legs hurt, buying as much Mountain Dew from the local grocery store as our minimum wage jobs would allow, and then watching hours and hours of skate videos until the wee hours of the morning then spend all Saturday skating again.

But in the age of YouTube, where it’s extremely easy to watch a few clips of your favorite skateboarder and call it a day, I wasn’t even aware that skateboarding companies still made skate videos. But a pleasant revelation popped up in my Netflix homepage this afternoon.

Plan B’s True skate video showed up in my sports genre list, which I believe is one of the only skateboarding videos on Netflix. But could this be the first skate video in a growing trend?

It appearsĀ to fit the overall Netflix strategy when it comes to choosing content that a simple expansion into sports videos such as skateboarding could offer. It certainly seems to have a lot of appeal to potential subscribers when thinking about offering the ability to stream videos of skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking and more.

Do you think you’d watch skate videos on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

Watch the Plan B True trailer below: