Serial Podcast Season Two Premiere Date Rumors

Little information is currently available about Serial season two, but what we do know is that it’s in the works. No news there.

There have been rumors circulating for months now about just what Koenig and crew will be covering in Serial’s second season, but we can only imagine this is merely speculation. It’s probably a considerably hard thing to plan for as truly fascinating court cases don’t necessarily just reveal themselves out of nowhere. There were countless fascinating details and bits of information that made the first season’s trial nearly perfect.

With that in mind, we do know that Koenig has been hard at work researching her next case, but as of about a month ago, does not have it narrowed down just yet. We’re assuming it has to be getting close, but there is so much pressure to vet each case in great detail to ensure the best is chosen. Think back to season one, how many little things changed over even the course of the 12 weeks it aired. Multiple people changing their mind about wanting to be interviewed, details changing, court documents being located, etc. There are just countless elements to selecting the next episode, and knowing Koenig, she’s on the hunt for the very best.

She has expressed a higher level of stress in picking the next case, as expectations from the first season have grown astronomically. Not to mention the post-airing fallout she has seen criticizing every little detail of season one, making it nearly unimaginable how much careful consideration must go into this next effort.

We certainly can’t wait, and will keep everyone updated as we learn more regarding the rumors of the Serial season two premiere date.