Seinfeld is Now Streaming in its Entirety on Hulu

seinfeld on hulu

These pretzels are making me thirsty!

Back in April, news broke that Hulu had signed a massive deal for exclusive rights to stream Seinfeld.

Today, Seinfeld is available and streaming in its entirety on Hulu for all subscribers, bringing all nine seasons online for the first time.

The deal was valued at close to $180 million, the largest yet for any streaming video content, dwarfing the Netflix purchase of Friends from a ‘per episode’ cost perspective. There was no lack of interest as circulating rumors had Netflix, Amazon Prime, Yahoo! Screen and Hulu all in talks with Sony to purchase streaming rights, with Hulu winning out in the end.

We recently went back and dusted off our old DVD collection of the Seinfeld series in preparation of this release and found that they have certainly stood the test of time. While a certain number of jokes naturally found themselves a bit dated, overall, the benefit of creating a show about nothing is that no matter the generation, the humor boiled down to high quality standalone writing and relied very little on situational relevance and context.  The Seinfeld universe is just as ridiculous and funny as it was during its dominant run in the 1990s.

Competition among the major streaming services is getting hotter and hotter as more content finds its ways into the hands of each individual service as an exclusive offering. This segmentation has made some take notice about the difficulty of determining which app to open when looking for a specific movie or television show. And for now, it only appears each service is focused on collecting as many exclusives as possible meaning this trend isn’t going to slow down anytime soon.