Rumors of T-Mobile Giving Unlimited Data Usage on Netflix and HBO Apps

john legere tmobile netflix hbo

There’s no doubt that if one looks at their data plan on their cell phone, the heaviest use of data is almost always streaming services like Netflix and HBO Now apps.

Evan Blass is sharing rumors, unconfirmed at this time, that T-Mobile is considering giving unlimited data streams to a specific series of apps such as Netflix and HBO that won’t affect customers’ normal data plans.

In other words, the heavy usage data hogs won’t eat into your reserves and ultimately cause you to either go over your allotted plan or at the very least cause this strange conservation at the end of every month.

Whether or not this is true, T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere has taken it up as a challenge to test and break things in an often slow-moving and fee-riddled cellular phone data plan ecosystem. Such a move would certainly fit within T-Mobile’s aggressive attack on competitors.

T-Mobile already offers unlimited streaming on a select list of music apps, so moving into creating a similar offering for video would certainly make for a logical next step.