Report: 41% of MoviePass Subscribers Would Pay Over Double the Current Price to Keep the Service Alive

“MoviePass might die, but just like Napster did to music, this has reshaped the future of movie theater attendance.”

MoviePass has quickly become the best deal in entertainment since 2012-era Netflix.

$10 a month for essentially a movie in the theaters every day is such a huge bargain, that if you even go to one movie a month, the service practically pays for itself.

However, the company that owns MoviePass got hit hard this week on the public market, with news that the service is bleeding cash. As the service is relying on people forgetting to use it, their credits and debits aren’t lining up as more people than ever are going to more movies. The service has also struggled to get theaters and movie studios to play along. Despite a notable increase in butts-in-seats at theaters, somehow MoviePass hasn’t been able to persuade them to throw a bit of cash their way to send audiences to the theater.

With that, it appears that MoviePass is in some trouble. 

Just as Netflix has raised their prices almost annually for the past several years, we expect MoviePass to do the same in order to stop the bleeding. And to be frank, we’d definitely be willing to pay more for our subscription if it means keeping the service alive. 

But how much more would people be willing to pay? We took a survey of 1,311 self-reporting MoviePass subscribers and got some interesting responses to this question. See the survey results and some of the responses below:

In the numbers we do expect there to be some noise (+/- 3.5%). In the past when we have surveyed on other price increases to services like Netflix and Amazon, people often say they will do one thing when it comes to price and then do something different when it becomes a reality. We have adjusted the numbers in our model accordingly to try and present the most accurate representation of this bias in the responses

How much MORE would you be willing to pay for MoviePass to keep the service alive
None 3%
$1-4 a month 17%
$5-9 a month 35%
$10-19 a month 32%
$20+ a month 9%
Not sure 4%

US population, anonymous online survey, 3rd party response collection, (+/- 3.5%)


Commentary from responses:

“I’m pretty sure this ship is sinking, I’m going to use it as much as possible between now and then.”

“I go to at least one movie a week, even at $30 a month this is still a great deal for me.”

“If they raise their prices too much, I’ll just stop using it and stop going to as many movies. MoviePass definitely makes it easier to go see bad movies or movies I don’t normally want to go see.”

“I signed up but don’t really use it that much. I don’t think I would pay very much for it. I have kids and can’t really go to as many movies as I was hoping. It seems like a good idea though.”

“Price increases would just motivate me to go to more movies to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth. I’m not sure if I would pay much more than I do now.”

“Happily pay whatever they charge. I go see just about everything that comes to my local theater.”

“Can’t the movie theaters just pay them for audiences instead of us paying more for MoviePass?”

“Do I want to pay more? Of course not. Would I? Sure.”

“MoviePass might die, but just like Napster did to music, this has reshaped the future of movie theater attendance.”