Prince Fielder to get Cooking Show on Netflix and Hulu ‘Fielder’s Choice’

Have you ever wanted to watch MLB retiree Prince Fielder host his own cooking show?

Well regardless of your answer you’ll now get a chance to do so, as he will be hosting a show on Netflix and Hulu called ‘Fielder’s Choice.’

Starting in March, ‘Fielders Choice’ will feature a variety of guests, co-hosted by his wife.

“It’s not just baseball people. It’s a mixture of baseball people, actors, musicians, chefs and whatnot. They bring out different dishes, and at the end of the show, I give the one I like the most the “Fielder’s choice.” It’s good TV,” Fielder mentioned when speaking with ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick.

No idea what the focus of the show will be, but one of our guilty pleasures is food shows featuring celebrities and athletes, so we’re of course excited about this as well. Prince Fielder has plenty of personality to warrant giving this one a shot. Who knows, too, maybe next season he’ll be featured on Netflix original series ‘Chef’s Table.’

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