Planet Earth 2 Premieres This Weekend, Here’s How to Watch it Online

You have probably already seen that clip of the snakes chasing that iguana that’s been all over Facebook the past few months, but now you’re wondering when Planet Earth 2 (II) is going to premiere here in the states? Great news on that front, it will start streaming online tomorrow, Sunday February 19th, 2017.  The series is a followup to the original BBC blockbuster series that got just about everyone on…. planet earth… to buy the Blu-Ray box set.

Now that we’re getting a second season of the series, there are a few ways in which you can Watch Planet Earth 2 online.

If you’re wiling to wait a while, Netflix and the BBC have often worked closely together on these things, so it’s not unlikely that Planet Earth II will be on Netflix at some point in the future. It might still be a while though.

You can pre-order Planet Earth II on Blu-Ray here through Amazon, and it will ship on March 28th, 2017 if you don’t want to wait for Netflix, but none of the above streaming services fit your fancy.

While the original Planet Earth series blew everyone away with its beautiful camera work and cinematography, Planet Earth II has already wowed critics with its modern filming technology.

We’re betting by the time Planet Earth III launches, we’ll all be watching it in virtual reality, from the perspective of a giant blue whale or something. No telling how much fun that will be!