Over 150,000 Sign Petition to Pardon ‘Making a Murderer’ Steven Avery

Netflix original ‘Making a Murderer’ has taken over the past week of pop culture by storm.

The documentary series, a Netflix original, has been a huge hit, with millions apparently binging the entire series in order to see just how bad things got for Mr. Avery and his teenage nephew.

The duo was convicted of a crime that both claim innocence from, and the court case on display during the documentary certainly makes a strong argument in favor of there being a possibility of foul play on Manitowoc County’s behalf.

Regardless, we don’t want to spoil anything else about this fantastic and extremely entertaining doc, instead fully recommend you watch it.

There is, however, a petition actively seeking a pardon for Avery and his nephew¬†(h/t TIME). The signature count has continued to skyrocket, especially as more and more people are finishing streaming the series over the past few days (trust us, the documentary doesn’t get any more friendly for the two defendants).

While these petitions rarely amount to any action, and it’s not like Steven Avery will actually get pardoned because a bunch of people on the internet are angry, it’s still likely that the more attention there is on this case, the more likely some form of action will be taken. It’s hard to explain much more than this without risking any spoilers, so we’ll leave it at that (seriously, go watch this show so we can talk about it).

The real winner here is certainly Netflix, who has landed a major victory, again, for one of its latest ventures¬†into original content. This is the second documentary series that the service has released, following 2015’s delightful but slightly less addicting ‘Chef’s Table.’