‘Making a Murderer’ Review – The Most Anger Inducing Netflix Original Yet

netflix making a murderer

First and foremost, no spoilers below.

Second, if you haven’t watched the newest Netflix original ‘Making a Murderer’ it’s certainly binge-worthy and we highly suggest bailing on your New Year’s Eve plans to watch the full series.

‘Making a Murderer’ reviews the court case of Steven Avery, his wrongful arrest and conviction that landed him in prison for 18 years, the subsequent lawsuit and then a bizarre murder charge that landed him back in prison shortly thereafter.

The series has almost immediately become a smash hit on Netflix, with early rumors circulating that it has quickly spiked to one of the fastest viewed original programs released by the streaming service yet.

We completely agree that the series is captivating, and we recommend it to anyone interested in true crime or especially fans of the recent smash hit podcast ‘Serial.’

But even more interesting has been the immediate cultural wave created by the series. From [possible spoilers in the link] hacker group Anonymous stating they have data that can prove Avery was set up for the murder charges to the prosecutor coming out and saying the documentary was filled with [possible spoilers in the link] cherry-picked information to make for a better conspiracy. The former prosecutor’s Yelp page for his personal law firm is now being blasted with one-star reviews.

Other reviews for the series have been extremely positive as well, many citing similarities between ‘Making a Murderer’ and HBO’s ‘The Jinx’ and of course Sarah Koenig’s ‘Serial’ podcast. It seems that our true crime infatuation is only continuing to grow, as we eagerly await the retelling of some botched criminal trial leading to a brand new conspiracy theory to debate.

No word yet as to whether or not Netflix plans to hunt for another crime to investigate for a sequel to ‘Making a Murderer’ as this series was ten years in the making, and one that Netflix simply bought the rights for. But with this massive popularity, the opportunity might be too good to pass up.

You can watch the first episode for ‘Making a Murderer’ below absolutely free without a Netflix subscription: