Netflix Tormenting Us All With Daredevil 2 Costume Rumors

As it stands, Daredevil is not only the highest rated Netflix original, but currently holds the title for most popular title on Netflix’s entire catalog. 

So of course millions of people are pining on a daily basis for just a little taste of information related to season two. 

Just a few weeks ago, one lucky fan of the series caught some early set photos of the show which was operating in her neighborhood under a fake project name. But the photos certainly reveal the characters from season one donning their costumes making it pretty obvious what was going on. 

Just this week the Daredevil Twitter handle tweeted out a mysterious photo of the Daredevil costume in a box, which sent the internet into a flurry with speculation regarding a costume change. 

However, Jim Vejvoda at IGN got word straight from the horses mouth that no such rumor shall be spread any further, squashing it via Twitter with Daredevil costume designer Stephanie Maslansky. 

Regardless, even with the truth right under our noses, it’s still far more fun to wildly speculate, right?