Netflix Original ‘W/ Bob and David’ Releases New Trailer

Mr. Show fans rejoice – Netflix original ‘W/ Bob and David’ is coming soon, and we can’t wait for the sketch comedy duo to make their streaming debut.

Netflix just released a new trailer for the show, and as we were hoping, it is showing some positive signs that we’re in for a treat with the new series.

For those less familiar with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, they once partnered on a show called ‘Mr. Show’ which ran hilarious sketch comedy and bits that varied week to week. The show was always well received but inevitably ended, as both actors went on to pursue their own successful careers, Odenkirk with ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ and Cross with ‘Arrested Development.’

But the comedy duo is now reunited, and will be releasing their new show ‘W/ Bob and David’ on Netflix November 13th. They have hinted the show will follow a sketch comedy format, but due to intellectual property rights it’ll likely be a fresh start from the ‘Mr. Show’ days (although it wouldn’t surprise us to see some homages to the original partnership).

Unfortunately for those of you less familiar with ‘Mr. Show,’ it’s not currently streaming on Netflix as it was removed a while back. Perhaps this revival will bring the series back to the streaming service in the near future, but we haven’t received any official word on this.