Netflix Original ‘Mindhunter’ Renewed for a Second Season


Surprising no one, especially not yours truly, a ‘Mindhunter’ season one mega fan, Netflix has renewed the series for a second season.

The David Fincher-led project featured two FBI agents as they formulated the Behavioral Sciences department of the Bureau, first a bit under the radar, and then getting far more agency attention as they made inroads. The show follows the agents as they interview convicted serial killers in order to build a “profile” which would allow them to hopefully prevent future assaults.

The show has won the hearts and minds of many-a-critic, and quickly shot up to near the top of Netflix’s list of most popular original shows.

This is a fairly common strategy for Netflix, though, to bring a show on for two seasons, as cancellations are rare for the service after only one season (although they do happen, and Reed Hastings, the CEO has stated he wants them to happen more). Regardless, this show is not going to be cancelled anytime soon, there is plenty of story left to explore.

‘Mindhunter’ is loosely based on true stories, but is still a fictional narrative including realistic historical information. The real surprise of the show thus far has been 1970s killer Ed Kemper’s character played by Cameron Britton. It is a chilling reenactment of the real Kemper’s interviews, and sent chills down our spines while watching.