Netflix Original ‘Jessica Jones’ Trailer Released

Prepare yourself for another busy weekend when Netflix original ‘Jessica Jones’ premieres November 20th.

Netflix has just released the first full trailer for the original series, and not only does the production look top-notch but there is a particularly dark and dreadful feeling with each passing moment.

Watch it below:

Fans of ‘Daredevil’ will likely already be ready for this one, but there’s no doubt that Netflix and Marvel have been focusing far less on the whimsical feeling often associated with comic book television shows and film adaptation sand instead focusing heavily on the intense, troubling and dark nature of the characters.

Jessica Jones the character has never gotten a ton on on-screen time, but has made occasional appearances through a mix of Marvel characters’ lives, so it’s great to see Netflix giving the character a full go with an entire series about her character.

The early reviews of ‘Jessica Jones’ have been extremely positive, many calling it one of Marvel’s best yet and certainly looks like it will do quite well for Netflix when it premieres November 20th. You can watch the entire first season on Netflix when it releases.