Netflix Live in Nearly Every Country Now but China

netflix everywhere

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix just announced at CES that the streaming service is now available in nearly every country, launching in 130 new regions today.

The service, which until a few moments ago was available in approximately 60 countries, is now streaming globally, with China being one of the last major holdouts alongside Crimea, North Korea and Syria. Regarding China, Hastings commented they hope to be streaming there soon.

Now while this is very exciting news, things are about to get very, very confusing, but Netflix believes it has a solution. Third party content distribution rights are extremely complicated. In other words, in order to stream a specific title that Netflix is licensing, they have to secure the rights in every region where it is released. So for each title Netflix streams that it does not own, getting the rights to stream it globally can be extremely cumbersome.

But as Netflix works to expand its list of original shows, the service won’t have to deal with these content distribution headaches, owning all the content it releases itself. This means Netflix will be free to stream Jessica Jones, BoJack Horseman, House of Cards and more all around the world as it expands into new territories starting today.

Netflix stock jumped on the news, seeing an immediate 5% increase following Hastings’ announcement.