Lenovo Debuts a Chromecast Competitor Using Alternative Streaming Technology


When you think of Lenovo, what comes to mind?  Television streaming technology, right? Well, maybe not yet but the notable laptop producer is entering the streaming world with a competitor to Google’s Chromecast. The company’s $50 hockey puck-like hunk of plastic differs from the Chromecast in it’s streaming technology.  While Chromecast uses Google’s proprietary Chrome browser envoroment to render and stream video to your big screen over wifi, the “Lenovo Cast” uses DNLA or Miracast-enabled hardware to do the same job.

What is DNLA?  Here’s a guide if you really want to dive deep.  Essentially DNLA is a universal video streaming system available to all device creators. Whereas system’s like Google’s Chrome and Apple’s AirPlay need to be licensed to compete.  Most, if not all smartphones support DNLA video streaming these days.

Will this device break the stranglehold that Apple and Google have over the stream-over-wifi world? It will depend on how well Lenovo can market their technology.  It’s difficult to understand and most people either use an Apple device or Android platform already so it may be a tough sell.

We’ll see what else Lenovo can do to get users on board with their new streaming system.