7/7/10 3:07:10 PM --- JUDGE JUDY --- Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A: Judge Judy Sheindlin, "Judge Judy" a long-running daytime TV fixture. Her popular courtroom drama is experiencing a surge in ratings. Photographed on the set of the show which is taped at Sunset Bronson Studios in Los Angeles. Photo by Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY Staff

You may be surprised to learn that Judge Judy is the most watched daytime television show in America. That’s right! It’s a quintessential part of the fabric of our nation. If your TV is on during the day there’s a good chance it’s tuned to a channel streaming Judge Judy.  She’s been called tough but fair in her rulings but her style is what keeps bringing you back. She’ll tear someone down while building them back up with a just ruling.

Streaming Judge Judy online for free is a complicated process. The show is syndicated and depending on your state, may or may not be available online. Here are some of the options you have for getting your Judge Judy daytime television fix online.


Hulu Live will get you access to an online stream of Judge Judy, and their service comes with an amazing free trial so you can give it a shot without any major commitment. Check it out here:

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Another similar service also has these local channels with Judge Judy so if you’ve tried Hulu give FuboTV a shot as well:

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Watch Judge Judy on a Live Stream via a Local Network Website

This is where things get complicated for watching Judge Judy online. The show is in syndication so it could be on any one of the major networks in your area. It could be NBC or ABC or CBS.  Or it could be Fox or even The CW!  You’ll have to check with each of them to see if there is a Judge Judy live stream (which is really just a free live stream of whatever is on the network). You’ll most likely have to confirm your identity and location to prove you’re in that state so be prepared for that.

If it’s on any channels other than The CW or CBS you can watch Judge Judy free for 7 days on Sling:

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Similar to Sling, AT&T TV NOW gives you streaming channels like NBC, ABC, Fox and more for a low price and is an alternative to watching with cable:


If it’s on CBS you can sign up for Paramount Plus:

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Is Judy Judy on Netflix or Hulu?

Netflix doesn’t have anything related to Judge Judy in their streaming library. There’s a couple of odd DVD selections that may or may not get the job done for you but you won’t be able to watch newer episodes or seasons of Judge Judy on Netflix at this time.

Hulu has a ton of interviews with the Judge herself collected. Give it a search if you want to watch those for hours on end. But to watch the actual show on Hulu is impossible. There are no streaming options for Judge Judy on Hulu at this time. Sorry folks!


You’ll also have to watch commercials like you would if you were watching Judge Judy on your regular boob tube. Hopefully you’re a big enough fan to where that’s worth it to get your Judge Judy fix streamed to you.

Download or Purchase Full Seasons and Episodes of Judge Judy

Normally a show would have downloads of episodes available on iTunes or Amazon but not Judge Judy! There are a few DVDs, Books and other oddities on Amazon right now but not any streaming episodes of the show itself. We know she could make a ton of money making these available to all online but it just hasn’t happened yet.

In five years of covering online streaming news this show may be one of the most difficult to stream online. I guess Judge Judy just wasn’t meant for this brave, new, streaming world. We hope you find a way to enjoy Judge Judy online for free but it won’t be easy. Good luck and stay out of her court room if you can help it.