Hulu releases a “CSI slot machine” to help you pick your next episode

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Fans of CSI are never going to deny the entertainment drawn from any singular episode of the world’s most notorious crime drama. While the series has some congruent elements, for the most part, you can hop into any given episode and get a beginning, middle and end. Can’t ask for a better hour of entertainment than that.

But for those of us who get anxious picking out what pair of socks to wear everyday, how do we decide between the hundreds of available episodes? With over 14 seasons of episodes, picking just one to watch can be a challenge in and of itself. Fans of streaming TV have been crying out for a way to randomize episode viewing of their favorite shows. Leave it to Hulu to bring us the perfect tool to do so yet. Well, for CSI fans anyways.

Hulu created a fun slot machine making the decision about what CSI episode to watch as easy as ever. With a click of the “spin” button, the machine will quickly offer you a randomized episode, brief synopsis and then the option to directly stream the episode on Hulu.

Kudos to whomever at Hulu put this together, pure brilliance. This really should exist for all shows with more than three seasons.

Check out Hulu’s CSI Slot Machine here

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