Hulu is Now Streaming all of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘Party of Five’ Online

dawsons creek online

While we’re always excited to read what’s new on any streaming service each month, Hulu takes the cake in March, with the announcement that they were bringing both ‘Dawson’s Creek’ AND ‘Party of Five’ to the streaming service.

Starting today, all Hulu subscribers have access to the entire back catalog of two of the 90s absolute best dramas.

Both shows ran for several successful seasons, keeping the teenage versions of ourselves completely engrossed in the show’s intertwining love stories and drama. The shows both represent the perfect mix of nostalgic 90s throwback paired with repeatable enjoyment of actually just being really fun shows.

We’re not sure how long these contracts are set to last, so if you’re planning on binging the series again (we know you have these bad boys on DVD in your parents’ attic), no better time than the present.

If you’re looking for another nostalgic throwback, you can also stream ‘The OC’ online completely free at the CWSeed.

What other 90s throwbacks would you love to see streaming online? 7th Heaven? Boy Meets World? Clarissa Explains it All? Let us know in the comments.