How Many People Watched Bird Box on Netflix?

In a rare move, Netflix released viewership numbers for their new thriller original movie ‘Bird Box’ on Twitter this weekend.

According to Netflix, over 45 million people have watched the movie in the first seven days since it released, which Netflix says would make it the most successful film launch on their service yet.


The film is based on a novel, and has similar themes to runaway summer success ‘A Quiet Place.’ The show has drawn in a sort of viral excitement, as word spread vial social media about the movie’s suspense, creating a “must watch” sensation that no Netflix movie has seen yet.

But some critics are calling into question the validity of Netflix’s claims of viewership here.

First and foremost, it’s impossible to tell if these 45 million people streamed the entire length of the movie. It also is impossible to tell who is actively watching the movie and who is merely tuning in and out while browsing Instagram on their phones.

Lastly, it’s not fair to compare this to a standardized theatrical release, where each individual viewer would pay upwards of $15 to watch the movie. If 45 million people went to a movie in the opening week, that would be somewhere in the ballpark of 600-700 million dollars, a massive rake by any standard.

Of course, with Netflix, the subscription is prepaid, meaning viewers aren’t paying to watch a specific title.

Regardless, despite this critical consideration, the film seems to have exceeded Netflix’s expectations, and will encourage more exploration into making blockbuster-type original movies.