Horror Fan? Shudder, the Netflix for Horror Movies Might be for You

shudder horror movie netflix

There is nothing worse than spending endless amounts of time aimlessly browsing for something to watch on Netflix. 

Sometimes the less is more philosophy seems like a better option, but as to whether or not we’re willing to pay for it? That might be a different question. Enter: Shudder, a “Netflix for scary movies” that offers approximately 300 titles of the genre. 

Instead of one giant broad category of “horror” similar to Netflix, Shudder breaks down deep into specific sub-genres of horror such as ‘eco-terror,’ ‘alien invasions’ and more. Shudder costs $4.99 a month or $50 flat for the whole year, meaning it’s not much cheaper than Netflix, but offers users the option to focus solely on one genre. 

We found the list of titles decent, which is an improvement to Netflix’s horror section, which can certainly be lacking as well as sometimes just mis-categorized. What is nice is that Shudder gives tire kickers the ability to see the entire collection broken down by specific category without a subscription, something Netflix has always kept close to the chest. 

For major horror fans, especially those looking to stream some of the harder to find titles, Shudder is definitely worth a glance, for the rest of you, things are probably a bit too specifically tuned in this one to capture a wider audience. But that’s the point, right? 

Now the question is, will this continued segmentation of streaming services find a place in the market, or will we all get fed up with far too many individual services.