Here’s How to Stream Game of Thrones Season 8 Without Cable

Some estimates currently suggest that HBO is about to have over one billion people watch the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere. 

For context, the Super Bowl, arguably one of the biggest television events of the year pulls in roughly 150 million viewers, so it goes without saying that GoT season 8’s upcoming launch might be one of largest audiences for a television show of all time.

The show, which has launched HBO into a golden age, is on its final season this year, with six more episodes left to wrap up the entire series. While people might be disappointed that the show only has so few episodes remaining, most will be much longer, closer to 90 minutes as opposed to the normal hour length. 

So what about those of you who want to join in on the fun but don’t have a cable subscription? You’re probably wondering if there is a way to stream Game of Thrones season 8 without cable, and maybe even for free. The good news is if you time this right, you can do both!

First, if you’re reading this page the night of the premiere and desperately want to know if you can start streaming the show right this second, there are several ways to do so.

Watch Game of Thrones using your Hulu account

HBO has a deal with Hulu where you can add HBO onto your Hulu account for a small monthly charge. The streaming service will give you immediate access to HBO’s live stream, meaning you won’t have to fall behind all your other friends and coworkers currently watching the show live.

If you don’t have Hulu, you can GET A FREE TRIAL HERE.

Try Hulu Live Free

If you’re trying to watch the back catalog of GoT, Hulu’s partnership with HBO will give you back catalog access to the show as well, so you can stream any episode you need to get all caught up.

Does Netflix have Game of Thrones?

Unfortunately, HBO and Netflix rarely play nicely, so no matter how many times you tweet at Netflix demanding they bring Game of Thrones to the service, they aren’t going to do it. Check out some of the other streaming options below.

Amazon Prime has an HBO add-on

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can use the HBO add-on to get full access to Game of Thrones. Considering almost everyone is an Amazon Prime subscriber, this is one of the easiest and most-guaranteed ways to start streaming GoT immediately. Check to see if your account qualifies for Game of Thrones here.

Watch GoT on Amazon Prime

So are any of these options free?

Here at Exstreamist we don’t advocate for piracy, as most streaming services are now offering our favorite shows and movies for low monthly cost. That being said, the above options do in-fact have free trials, so you can at least give them a whirl before making a final decision on how you want to watch GoT’s eighth season.

We’re not sure if we’ve ever been more excited for a TV season than we now are for the GoT finale. Currently, the show is ahead of the George RR Martin fantasy epic novels, so there are exactly zero spoilers floating around about how things are going to wrap up for the show. This has built up more tension for the show’s final episode.

We’re also going to be interested to watch how HBO is able to handle this huge spike in traffic. It seems likely that the night of the premiere, they might struggle to stream the show live. While we hope for the best, we wouldn’t be surprised to see buffering issues, or other sorts of technical snafus.

The last interesting trend to watch will be how many people cancel their HBO subscriptions when it comes to the GoT season 8 ending. There is no doubt that Game of Thrones is the network’s greatest draw, and once that is gone, there is no telling exactly how many people are planning on cancelling their HBO subscription. We’ll follow up on that in the near future.