Here’s How Much Time We Spend Watching Netflix Every Day

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No doubt that Netflix has become a mainstay in our nightly entertainment.

But the pure amount of time spent every day by Netflix subscribers streaming content absolutely blew us away. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings just mentioned at CES that on average, Netflix is streaming 125 MILLION hours of content every single day. That’s 5.2 million days of movies and TV shows delivered daily.

According to the service, the average hour of video via Netflix uses about 1GB of data, meaning they are streaming 125 million GB of data a day globally, no easy task.

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With Netflix having approximately 70 million subscribers, that means the average user is spending 1.8 hours a day watching Netflix, but we’re positive that there’s probably a large number of people who watch far more every day (we must confess to likely be higher on that chart), while others likely don’t log in and stream nearly as actively, averaging this all out. We’ve had readers comment that they spend upwards of 4-5 hours a day streaming content on Netflix, especially after one of their favorite shows winds up streaming on the service.

Netflix is set to continue releasing more and more original shows and movies this year, relying less on third party content owners. It will be interesting to see if they are able to scale this output faster than content owners remove their shows and movies. Assuming Netflix is able to keep up with the demand for entertainment, we fully expect this average number of time spent binging to stay consistent if not increase a bit. But the race is certainly on in a heated competition.

The list of originals coming in 2016 would make even the most viewed broadcast networks envious, and Netflix has proven that they know how to produce some of the best content. But to keep this up at such an astronomical pace will be quite a hefty challenge.