Great news, Netflix reaches agreement to keep streaming Scrubs

Scrubs was arguably the funniest hospital show to ever land on a major network. NBC picked a winner with the series, and for those of us who watched it while it was on live television, it was so fun to follow along as these residents turned into doctors right before our very eyes.

scrubs on netflix

There was a bit of a scare these past few weeks as Scrubs had been given the Netflix kiss of death for April, but we have confirmed that Netflix has reached an agreement to extend the Scrubs contract once again, keeping the popular show streaming on Netflix for the foreseeable future.

For those of you less familiar, it is actually pretty easy to pop into a few random episodes on Netflix to see if you enjoy the style and writing of Scrubs, but after getting a taste, we do recommend starting from the beginning for the full effect. The show really does have a fantastic story arc with many turns throughout the show’s nine seasons.

There were even rumors floating around that Scrubs might one day make a return, but we’ll keep those tucked away in the dark corners of “unconfirmed” before talking any further about them.