Disney to Pull All Their Content From Netflix Following Launch of Disney+

Disney, who now owns just about every entertainment property in the world, is going to be launching Disney+ later this year, and Netflix should probably be sweating a bit.

While there are no specific lists of what exactly will be removed, the rumors flying around at the moment seem to suggest that Netflix will be losing a chunk of their Disney-owned content from the library. While shows that Disney-owned properties helped created (think Daredevil, Jessica Jones, etc) are probably safe, there are going to be hundreds of titles pulled from Netflix’s grasp in short order.

Normally, if Netflix really wanted a specific title to remain on the service, they could pay a premium to maintain streaming rights. But at this point in time it doesn’t seem like Disney is even willing to play ball with their soon-to-be biggest competitor.

Disney has recently swooped up total control of Hulu, buying out FOX in an acquisition and then buying out NBC of their ownership. This will give the entertainment giant a place to house a considerable amount of new content, which is great for Hulu subscribers, but bad for Netflix.

Netflix over time has seen their total title count dwindle from once above 10,000 available movies and TV shows to just north of 5,000 in the past six years. The service has survived through this decrease by ramping up production of original content, a major attraction for subscribers of the service.

In the next few years though, with Disney planning to offer Disney+ at a steep discount compared to Netflix’s increasing prices, the service might struggle to maintain what has previously been solid customer retention.