Did Netflix Remove Doctor Who?

Doctor Who
Doctor Who

As it stands right now, Doctor Who will be removed by Netflix February 1st, 2016.

We just got word from Netflix that a new deal hasn’t yet been reached to bring the show back to Netflix’s streaming library, meaning the service will likely see the series dropped at the beginning of next month.

This is obviously upsetting to many Doctor Who fans, who until this point have had years of access to the series online. We fully expect Netflix to still attempt to find a way to make a deal, but we’re guessing that there is a new contract either in the works or that a different streaming service is perhaps attempting to outbid Netflix for the rights to stream the series.

Regardless, this goes against our earlier stance that this was likely just a scare similar to what we saw last year when the service had an expiration date on the series only to see it renewed at the last minute. We’re still holding out for a last minute detail, but when we spoke with Netflix it sounded like this time Doctor Who would actually expire from the service.

So what should you do to encourage Netflix to bring back the series? One, first understand that it could very well be out of Netflix’s control. If Amazon Prime, Hulu or another streaming service came in and made some insane offer for exclusive rights, the BBC likely won’t turn that down leaving Netflix out to dry. However, it never hurts to shoot Netflix customer service a quick (AND POLITE) note that you’d love to see Doctor Who renewed. They certainly utilize customer input in their decisions, and if enough people are bummed out about the show’s removal, than they’re far more likely to take action and shoot for a renewal.

We’ll keep you posted as things change, but feel free to leave a note in the comments about your favorite Doctor Who memories.