Community celebrates 100 episodes, on its new home Yahoo! Screen

Community, the abruptly but unsurprisingly canceled NBC comedy (admit it, we all saw it coming), was gracefully revived by Yahoo! Screen just in time to celebrate its 100th episode.

community yahoo screen season six

“I love the fact that Yahoo! was smart enough to step in here and hopefully make the smartest decision ever.” -Steve Mosko, Sony Pictures

The cast and crew are featured in the below video as they talk about the show, its transition to Yahoo!, and how very few shows are fortunate enough to ever get even close to a 100th episode. It’s a feel good piece that shows a bit of the “behind the scenes” of Community’s crew.

While we understand viewership can be hard to come by, especially for a demographic as fickle as Community’s, it makes sense why the show wasn’t necessarily a smash hit on network television. But we’re willing to bet its acquisition by Yahoo! Screen will pay off for both sides of the equation.