Comcast to Launch ‘Stream TV’ – Won’t Count Against Data Caps

comcast data caps

The number of ‘internet-only’ Comcast customers continues to rise, and Comcast is taking a big step into bringing in more money from the cordcutter trend.

Ars Technica is reporting┬áthat Comcast’s newest offering ‘Stream TV’ will offer streaming television for $15 a month and will not count against Comcast’s data caps. This is a big move for the company that should certainly perk ears of those only using Comcast as an internet provider.

Stream TV is starting with just a few cities, including Chicago, giving Comcast customers in the city the opportunity to try the new service. Comcast will be rolling this program out to major metro areas through the remainder of the year and assuming things go well continue to roll it out nationally in regions they cover in 2016.

For those paying close attention, certainly the “net neutrality” alarm is going off in your head. This new Comcast service certainly falls into a weird place regarding that argument. If Comcast is giving preferential treatment to their own data, then it will be up to the consumers to file FCC complaints if they believe the service is treating this in an unfair way.

Stream TV will include the major broadcast networks and a varying assortment of channels depending on market according to Ars Technica.