CBS Cancels ‘Under the Dome’ – Will Netflix or Hulu Pick it up?

under the dome online

The show you probably love to hate, CBS’s ‘Under the Dome’ has been cancelled by the network, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts and in our TV watching schedules. 

Watch the Under the Dome trailer:

When discussing this show, one person described it as the perfect “hatewatch” show, and while we found the description hilarious, we of course looked for the silver lining in the series and, despite it’s cancellation, still found ourselves enjoying it, even if Under the Dome was quite ridiculous.

But what are you here looking for? Rumors about ‘Under the Dome’ potentially being picked up by Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or maybe one of the other streaming services?

Let’s break it down by liklehood. 

Will Netflix pick up ‘Under the Dome?’

While there is always the chance that Netflix would pick up the already existing seasons to stream, it is starting to seem less and less likely that Netflix would arrange for the series to continue. We’re putting this one at very low odds.

‘Will Hulu pick up ‘Under the Dome?’

In a vacuum, there would be fair to reasonable odds that Hulu could end up streaming this show except for one major detail… the show aired on CBS. Hulu is partially owned by NBC, ABC and FOX, CBS wants nothing to do with the streaming services, at least not yet, meaning the odds are are close to zero.

‘What about Amazon?’

Probably the strongest contender of the bunch. Now this one will depend heavily on viewership numbers. Were they just below acceptable for a network making it better suited for a streaming service crowd? If so, Amazon might be the one to watch closest, but we’ll still consider it lower odds.

As far as watching ‘Under the Dome’ online, you can stream CBS online through their app, so while the show is still going, you can fly through the series.